PT1.3 Construction of Bridge

Design rationale and notes

a) General Design

In short, our bridge is a plank. It's basically just a long piece of structure made of multiple layers of ice-cream sticks and a thick coating of glue. Knowing that a plank is a very simple bridge which can hold up only the minimal amounts of weight, we decided to make it as thick as possible, trying to solve this issue. 

b) Members of bridge

The bridge consists of 2 layers - base and second layer. The base is very thick so as to be able to support and sustain the weight of the load. The second layer on the other hand is placed in the middle, where the load will be hung from. Since the load will be hung from the middle, we wanted to focus all of the bridge's strength there, hence that was why we placed the second layer in the middle with the thickest part being the center of it.

c) Base of bridge

The base of the bridge is made of multiple layers so as to make it thick. The base is also made of overlapping sticks and a thick layer of glue, hoping that it will increase its strength when it's under stress from the load. 

d) Anchors of bridge
e) Joints of bridge

Our bridge does not have anchors or joints as its design is simply based of a flat plank.

Dimensions of first bridge

The bridge however was not fully tested. During testing, the bridge bent too much after placing the loading platform, hence we decided not to proceed going any further so as to prevent it from sustaining any damage. We then went rebuild the bridge.

Photograph of first bridge

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Dimensions of second bridge

Photograph of second bridge

Comparison between first and second bridge

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