Roles and Responsibilities 

Project Manager (IC of blog): Adli
- Responsible for all documentation and "care" of the mousetrap
- Ensures that all tasks are completed and documented on time
- Has final say on any issue that cannot be settled by consensus 

Drivetrain Engineer (IC of data analysis): Shreyas
- Responsible for developing system to transfer energy from the "engine" to the wheels
- Ensures proper testing and documentation of all drivetrain components

Wheel Engineer (IC of construction and testing): Keene
- Responsible for wheel choice and design
- Sources materials for wheels
- Works with Drivetrain Engineer to determine wheel-to-axle ratio and attachment

Chassis Engineer (2nd IC of construction and testing): Joel
- Responsible for the look and function of the body (chassis) of the car
- Sources all materials for the chassis
- Works with Drivetrain and Wheel Engineers to ensure function and look of wheels and drivetrain components


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