PT2.4 Testing and Evaluation of Car

Run NumberTest Run 1Test Run 2
Total time of test run /s00
Total distance of test run / m00
Observation 1:
Was the car in steady and stable motion throughout?
Observation 2:
Was the car moving in a straight line mostly?
Observation 3:
Did lever and string operate smoothly as well as expected?
State 1 area for modificationAdd blobs of hot glue next to the metal loops t prevent the front axle from moving left and right while in motion.The back axle too loosely connected to the back wheels, apply hot glue to connect them better.
State rationale(s) for the above proposed modification.The front axle should not be free moving as it will make the mousetrap car move left or right depending on its centre of gravity.As the satay stick is not directly connected to the wheel, the satay stick moves freely when the mousetrap is activated and therefore does not move the mousetrap car.

Post modification dimensions (they are the same)
Overall Length: 31 cm
Overall Width: 12.3 cm
Overall Height: 12.1 cm

Run numberTrial 1Trial 2Trial 3
Total time of Run / s1.63.21.0
Total distance of Run / m2.02.50
Total score66.865.660
Video of the best run (Trial 1)

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