PT1.4 Testing and Evaluation of Bridge


Test 1

On Thursday 11 February, we went to test the bridge at the Physics Lab.

However, it was not fully tested as the bridge bent too much after placing the loading platform, hence we decided not to proceed going any further so as to prevent it from sustaining any damage.

Test 2

On Friday 12 February, after making the necessary adjustments to the bridge, we went to test it again at the Physics Lab. 

Attached is a video of the bridge testing process:

The amount of weight that our bridge could hold was 20kg.



Our score of efficiency for the second test is 52, this is low even compared to the level average, 95. However, our group was one of the groups which bridge did not break, instead, it slid off the sides as the angle of deflection was too high.

No part of the bridge actually gave way, this is because the bridge is strong but too flexible.

The center of the bridge provided more strength as it was thicker and therefore harder to flex.

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